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Our Projects



Android app Design & Development


educational tool


CASE STUDY - Surfchem is a medicinal chemistry dictionary where students can browse the complicated drug structures and their important information in the app.

 CHALLENGES -The most difficult task with Surfchem was to create a data which will be brief and useful for the students to study without replacing the books. The main focus of surfchem is centred on complicated drug structure which students can study on the go without opening their books.


Reach X



CASE STUDY - Our Mumbai based client was impressed with our work on Surfchem. So he came to us with the concept of advertisement platform for chemical traders where they can post, view the advertisement of chemicals for trading.

 CHALLENGES - Advertisement platform in chemical industry was new to chemical traders, so the challenge was to design simple platform that will connect buyers and sellers well. We created an app which replaced traditional enquiry process with advertisement platform so that trade will take place with lot of ease.





CASE STUDY - Broker x is android app where broker brings together both buyer and seller for the trading in their interested commodities.

CHALLENGES - The concept of Broker x was very complex where goal was to bind broker, buyer and seller together so that the app will create synergy amongst them. We studied buyer, seller, broker individually. We studied their psychology, their goal, task, requirements and brought them together in harmonious way in Broker x.


Lunch Box

The Perfect Tiffin


CASE STUDY - Lunchbox is an app for all those people who wants to eat healthy,nutritious food in affordable cost.

CHALLENGES - When our client came to us with this idea of complete,healthy,tasty food with very cheap cost,we were really impressed.Our client has taken care of everything from food quality to attractive lunchbox.He only wanted a perfect app for that.There is so many food app on playstore,very few are attractive and so challenge was to make excellent UI for this app which will stand out from its competition.


Logo Design

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