"Ideas shape the course of history"

 -Jhone Maynard Keynes.  


our story

       When it all began, Shrikant and Dheeraj were directionless had secure full-time jobs. They loved exploring places, indulging in discussion of movies, food, and Music. One was a techie, who loved technology, gadgets. The other one was dreamer. They were different in their likings until they both fell in love with apps. One thought it was innovation and other thought it tells the story, solves the problem and give an identity. Both Shrikant and Dheeraj came together and started RdioButton.




Our founders did not see work as just a medium to generate money for survival or security. It was an inner satisfaction, an adventure, an art, a passion and a way of living. Their regular jobs never challenged their creativity or satisfied their hunger for great products and which is what motivated them to start Rdiobutton; creativity became a means of satisfaction. 

 Their regular jobs never challenged their creativity or satisfied their hunger for great products and that's what motivated them to start RdioButton, creativity became a means of satisfaction.  Ultimately, driving customer satisfaction through their work. They started with the mobile application development services but along the way, they realized that they needed to provide complete solutions to their clients with services like website design and development, Search engine optimization, Graphic design and Digital marketing services. With the goal to provide end-to-end solutions, they started creating a team of passionate people.



A company is never a company without talented and passionate people, it took our founders nearly 8 months to create the right team of developers, designers and strategists.




Once the team was formed we brainstormed in satisfying our customers.  Continuing our journey of mobile app development, web development and digital marketing.





Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

We believe that if you choose to work doing what you are passionate about then your life revolves around it and your workplace becomes your home. We try to keep our work fun and yet productive, by considering our team as family.  We are continuously growing, not only with our employees, but with our clients as well. We want our clients to have complete trust in us.

Also, we at RdioButton believe that one should also get to spend some time with their loved ones, so we try to be get everything done during the week and enjoy more social time at the end of the day and during the weekend. As a result, we are as productive and focused and give our best at everything we do. All our time at  RdioButton has been great and we will keep on growing this family and keep on doing great work along the way and share the joy with everyone.